Where’s the Crafty part, Bitches?

Ella and I definitely have the Chatty part down of Chatty Crafty Bitches, but we haven’t even delved into the crafty part.  Yet.  Oh, you with bated breath, exhale! because you shall wait no longer for the crafty in our posts.  It has finally arrived.  Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Since becoming a mom to V (as in Victory, she came out of my Vagina!), I’ve become much more aware of what is going in and on my body.  And hers.  And everyone’s.  Well maybe not everyone’s body….because that would just be creepy.  Let’s talk about a few crafty ways I’m changing it up.

Organic coconut oil.  Did you know this shit is a miracle worker?!?  Do you remember the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?  How the dad was always spritzing Windex on everything?  Organic coconut oil is my Windex!  It goes on everything.  It’s now my nighttime moisturizer, it’s V’s diaper rash cream, I’ve used it in recipes, it’s in a lip scrub I love!, I’ve put it on V’s eczema, and I’ve even gotten the husband into using it!  He’s cooking with it and moisturizing his balls with it.  (Guys in case you are wondering, coconut oil makes those suckers kissably soft.  Just sayin’.)

I’m also using essential oils in cleaners or as ways to scent the home instead of regular candles and harsh cleaners.  I’ve become hyper aware that it matters that we not breathe in chemicals or that V doesn’t pick up some crazy chemicals if she decides to pick up that banana from the floor and eat it.  Which she totally does.  My best carpet deodorizer?  Baking soda + essential oils.  My favorite essential oil to diffuse?  Citrusy ones like lemon, orange, or grapefruit.  Oh, here’s the diffuser I love – the colors make me so happy!  And just this week I ordered a spray deodorant made with essential oils.  Fer real.

I want to start making some of these things on my own, so I know exactly what is in them.  I have the essential oils, coconut oil, and other things to make moisturizers, lip balms, etc.  More to come on this…

I’ve started a small indoor garden.  I’d like my daughter to see some of our food come from us, from our own hands…we planted it, nurtured it, grew it, and harvested it.  While I love the idea, I sincerely hope I won’t kill the plants because I forget to water them.  (Which reminds me, need to have the husband invent some type of self-watering system where the plants whisper “I’m dying!!!!!!” and then water is released.  Or something like that.)

I’m getting back to composting too!  And the husband and I are seriously considering downsizing to a tiny house in the next few years as well.

Bottom line, I’m really concerned about my footprint in the world and how I can help minimize our waste.  I’m worried about what kind of Earth my child will have to live on after I’m gone.  I want to do my part to make it a better one.