Screw the Anger (Away)

As a relatively new mom, I’ve struggled with postpartum rage.  If I’m quite honest, it’s been a little lot disturbing to me how fast I can go from docile to raging beast mode (I clocked it…it’s like 2.13 seconds).  I’m sure it’s a combination of hormones, adjusting to parenthood, stress of current job/life situation.  It’s really been a perfect storm of sorts these days.  Most of this rage has been directed at my husband….maybe because he’s front and center in my life?  I dunno.  I’ve been struggling with a way to deal with it, but believe I may have finally found a solution.  Finally.  And I’m happy to report it’s a drug-free solution – one that is all natural!

My solution (queue the drum roll!):  screw the anger away.  Literally.  Banging my husband and having a big (or small) O helps immensely.  I was so excited to share this new revelation with him the other night.

Me:  Do you know how to make me less angry?  Screw me regularly.  Like pound me hard kind of sex.

Husband stares at me, blinking rapidly.

Me:  I’m being TOTALLY serious!  How can anyone be angry after a session like that?!?  

Husband laughs.

It’s a win-win right?  It will help me and our relationship at the same time!  It will bring us closer, and get back to some normalcy after the long road of pregnancy and caring for a newborn.

We put it into practice earlier this week and got it on 3 nights in a row!  And let me tell you, it’s certainly helped.  I’ve noticed that I’m much less angrier, nor do I get upset if the husband leaves his shit laying around.  For those of you who do it more regularly, that is like half the times we’ve done it since Vivi was born…10 months ago.  So 3 nights in a row is quite a feat for us these days!

I’m happy to report that one of those sessions left me with a bruise on the side of my ribs.  Kind of a warrior badge, if you will.  I will certainly take one for the team in order to help tame the angry beast within!

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