Just Hanging Around (Aerial Yoga)

Yesterday I took my first aerial yoga class and it may have just been one of the coolest fitness things I’ve ever done.

We started the class by sitting in the fabric. Then we maneuvered, quite un-gracefully, to a position where our legs were stretched out and our entire bodies were supported by the hammock. As we moved through traditional yoga postures I was swaying gently in the yoga hammock. Closing my eyes, I felt a little dizzy, but that quickly subsided.  Immediately I was filled with a sense of peace and calm.  There was something so supportive (literally and figuratively!) about being supported by the hammock.  There was a very womb-like quality to the practice that I really enjoyed and relaxed into.

We performed a bunch of exercises in the hammock and also used it as a prop to get deeper stretches.  At one point, we draped the hammock at our hips, so we could fold into a down dog and then eventually hung upside with just the hammock supporting me.  I was scared that I was going to fall out of it somehow.  I saw some of the other women hanging, while I had my hands on the floor, and then had a moment of “If they can do it, I can do it too…”  So I bravely let my hands go and just hung out.  It was so freeing!

I was so glad that I tried this, as I would definitely do it again.  I even researched getting an aerial yoga kit for home.  I could even see myself taking naps in this!

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